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Shadowrun: Anarchy Units

A follow-up PDF resource for using Small Units in your Shadowrun: Anarchy combats.

"We heard you like small units."

In the last article, I introduced the concept of combining Anarchy Threats into small Units (Hordes, Packs, Gangs, or Fireteams, etc). Using Units helps speed up combats that could pose a difficulty to pacing and to tracking. They can also help challenge those hard to hit characters and tougher end-game characters.

This new document pulls certain Unit-worthy mooks out of the Anarchy Threats document and puts them into Unit format for those that copy/paste them into Contract Briefs.

The entries are sorted by Threat Level and have Threat Level (TL) in their Stat Bar. They also have their Combined Condition Monitor (CCM) set to 50.

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