Shadowrun: Anarchy Units

A follow-up PDF resource for using Small Units in your Shadowrun: Anarchy combats.

"We heard you like small units."

In the last article, I introduced the concept of combining Anarchy Threats into small Units (Hordes, Packs, Gangs, or Fireteams, etc). Using Units helps speed up combats that could pose a difficulty to pacing and to tracking. They can also help challenge those hard to hit characters and tougher end-game characters.

This new document pulls certain Unit-worthy mooks out of the Anarchy Threats document and puts them into Unit format for those that copy/paste them into Contract Briefs.

DOWNLOAD: Anarchy Threats (Units)

The entries are sorted by Threat Level and have Threat Level (TL) in their Stat Bar. They also have their Combined Condition Monitor (CCM) set to 50.