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New Games Coming from Surprise Threat!

Over the last year, Surprise Threat! has been developing two new rules-light games.

The first is a fantasy dungeon crawler called Darksome Delve.

  • Simple, flexible dice pool core mechanic.

  • Build unique heroes - no classes or levels.

  • Advance by spending hard-won treasure.

  • Seamless flow between combat, exploration, and roleplay.

Edit: This core game, its monster book, and a book of adventures is out now. Get them here:

The second is a sci-fi alien invasion survival game called Alien Exodus RPG.

  • Cinematic narrative rules focused on immersive storytelling.

  • Tense resource management creates a desperate survival experience.

  • Three unique alien invader factions to battle.

  • Customizable setting from your hometown to worldwide.

Watch this space for more information or become a Patreon Patron.


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