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My SR5 to Anarchy conversion Contract Brief from 2016. 

Back in 2016, as soon as Shadowrun: Anarchy dropped, I converted my campaign over from SR5. Below is the Contract Brief that came from it and a two-part post about what went down with my runners. Enjoy.


House Rules and Philosophies for Shadow Amps and a Catalog of Amps converted from the 5th Ed Core Rulebook. 

In Shadowrun: Anarchy, Shadow Amps are what makes a ‘runner a ‘runner. Shadow Amps are the heart of the Shadowrun character, more so than Attributes, Skills...

House rules for a cinematic method of Exploration and Infiltration in Shadowrun: Anarchy

In last week's post, I touched on a stylized method of running Legwork and Investigation called the Montage. It is basically a way of combining a series of small Scenes into a coh...

House rules for a cinematic method of meta-gaming Shadowrun: Anarchy

Shadowrun: Anarchy can be more than just a string of Contract Briefs interspersed with Karma paydays and character advancement. It can be a rich, cinematic campaign world populated by the player char...

House rules for running Hosts in Shadowrun: Anarchy

The Core Rulebook of Shadowrun: Anarchy does not touch much on how to handle Hosts. The word "host" is not even printed in the Rules of the Street chapter. Those players coming from SR5 might be confused about how to...

House rules for alternate Skill Tests and Dice Pools in Shadowrun: Anarchy

Over the last year and a half of playing Shadowrun: Anarchy, I have had to develop house rules to help with two small issues that we have uncovered regarding Skill Tests. The first is how borin...

House rules for working without a Mr. Johnson and sourcing your own runs. 

Sometimes, even as a shadowrunner, you need to do a job that doesn’t pay. Maybe it’s a sob-story (“They took her kid.  We just have to get him back!”), maybe it’s a personal grudge (“I found the...

House rules for an alternate form of currency. 

Shadowrun has long had a split reward system involving both Nuyen and Karma. Karma advances your abilities and Nuyen gets you stuff. However, Awakened and Emerged characters need Karma more than money, and tech-based chara...

House rules for Plot Points in Shadowrun: Anarchy

Plot Points drive the meta-game in Shadowrun: Anarchy. How they are earned and how they are spent truly sets the tone and the flow of the whole game. Plot Points arguably have a stronger role in creating memorable mome...

An alternate mapping system for an alternate movement system. 

(Originally published at Stuffer Shack, September 12, 2017) 

Shadowrun: Anarchy is the narrative-heavy, shared-storytelling, alternate ruleset for Shadowrun. Among other differences, it has a non-traditional,...

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