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About Surprise Threat!

A collection of Shadowrun: Anarchy resources, house rules, and musings. 


I have been playing Shadowrun for over 25 years and have come to a point in my gaming career that low-prep, narrative-heavy, rules-light role-playing games fit my needs and the needs of my gaming table.


Enter Shadowrun: Anarchy.


Since its release, I have been active in advocating its play-style, championing its philosophies, and creating house rules and options where I find it incomplete or unsatisfying. I have been running two separate, active Shadowrun: Anarchy campaigns since September 2016.


I should also state that I am on the Shadowrun: Anarchy Errata Team but that nothing posted here is official, nor does it necessarily preview errata to come. All of this is fan-made (by me), free (to use, change, or ignore), and mostly published or posted on other sites previously (Stuffer Shack, Shadowgrid, or the Shadowrun sub-Reddit).



I go by the name Gingivitis on most forums and /u/Gingivitis- on Reddit. I've had a few mentions in the Anarchology Podcast. This is my collection. I hope it helps or inspires you.


Welcome to Surprise Threat!

<Editor's Note: I should probably take this opportunity to clarify that I do not actually have sub-par oral hygiene. It's just that "Gingivitis" is a name I have been using for a long time because it is always available on forums or as in-game names...for some reason...>


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