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A Shadowrun: Anarchy Resource

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December 14, 2018

Tips for running dynamic social encounters and house rules for resolving social conflict.

Conflicts can take many shapes in Shadowrun. Not all come in the form of streetside shoot ‘em ups or hallway brawls with corporate security. That troll bouncer who won’t let you in...

October 16, 2018

Re-introducing the concept of “Everything has a Price” back into Shadowrun: Anarchy and House Rule options for Drain/Fading mechanics.

Shadowrun has long had a compelling magic system that is both mechanically balancing and fits nicely into the metaphysics of the unique...

September 14, 2018

House Rules and advice on Tags, Dispositions, and Cues for Shadowrun: Anarchy characters. 

This introduction might have been the part where I try to convince you that the role-playing bits of a Shadowrun: Anarchy character sheet are the most important aspects of your ch...

House Rules for a cinematic method of Pursuits in Shadowrun: Anarchy

Every rigger needs a chase scene, just like every decker needs a Matrix Run. Chase scenes act as effective spotlights on the rigger’s abilities and due to their near ubiquity in action movies, they a...

A follow-up PDF resource for using Small Units in your Shadowrun: Anarchy combats.

In the last article, I introduced the concept of combining Anarchy Threats into small Units (Hordes, Packs, Gangs, or Fireteams, etc). Using Units helps speed up combats that could pose a...

Tips for running well-paced, meaningful combats in Shadowrun: Anarchy and house rules for combining NPCs into small Units.

Nothing says Shadowrun like a 30-second gunfight that takes 3 hours to finish. With initiative passes, the action economy, modifier application, mu...

House Rules and Philosophies for Shadow Amps and a Catalog of Amps converted from the 5th Ed Core Rulebook. 

In Shadowrun: Anarchy, Shadow Amps are what makes a ‘runner a ‘runner. Shadow Amps are the heart of the Shadowrun character, more so than Attributes, Skills...

House rules for a cinematic method of Exploration and Infiltration in Shadowrun: Anarchy

In last week's post, I touched on a stylized method of running Legwork and Investigation called the Montage. It is basically a way of combining a series of small Scenes into a coh...

House rules for a cinematic method of meta-gaming Shadowrun: Anarchy

Shadowrun: Anarchy can be more than just a string of Contract Briefs interspersed with Karma paydays and character advancement. It can be a rich, cinematic campaign world populated by the player char...

House rules for running Hosts in Shadowrun: Anarchy

The Core Rulebook of Shadowrun: Anarchy does not touch much on how to handle Hosts. The word "host" is not even printed in the Rules of the Street chapter. Those players coming from SR5 might be confused about how to...

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