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House Rules for a cinematic method of Pursuits in Shadowrun: Anarchy

Every rigger needs a chase scene, just like every decker needs a Matrix Run. Chase scenes act as effective spotlights on the rigger’s abilities and due to their near ubiquity in action movies, they a...

A follow-up PDF resource for using Small Units in your Shadowrun: Anarchy combats.

In the last article, I introduced the concept of combining Anarchy Threats into small Units (Hordes, Packs, Gangs, or Fireteams, etc). Using Units helps speed up combats that could pose a...

Tips for running well-paced, meaningful combats in Shadowrun: Anarchy and house rules for combining NPCs into small Units.

Nothing says Shadowrun like a 30-second gunfight that takes 3 hours to finish. With initiative passes, the action economy, modifier application, mu...

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