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My SR5 to Anarchy conversion Contract Brief from 2016. 

Back in 2016, as soon as Shadowrun: Anarchy dropped, I converted my campaign over from SR5. Below is the Contract Brief that came from it and a two-part post about what went down with my runners. Enjoy.


House Rules and Philosophies for Shadow Amps and a Catalog of Amps converted from the 5th Ed Core Rulebook. 

In Shadowrun: Anarchy, Shadow Amps are what makes a ‘runner a ‘runner. Shadow Amps are the heart of the Shadowrun character, more so than Attributes, Skills...

House rules for a cinematic method of Exploration and Infiltration in Shadowrun: Anarchy

In last week's post, I touched on a stylized method of running Legwork and Investigation called the Montage. It is basically a way of combining a series of small Scenes into a coh...

House rules for a cinematic method of meta-gaming Shadowrun: Anarchy

Shadowrun: Anarchy can be more than just a string of Contract Briefs interspersed with Karma paydays and character advancement. It can be a rich, cinematic campaign world populated by the player char...

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